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Buying a gun online shouldn’t be confusing. Finding the correct firearm should be an enjoyable experience. And getting your order fast, with full confidence and understanding of the background process is what will deliver to you.

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Tips for First-Time Gun Owners

Whether you have been around guns all your life or have never picked up a firearm before, being a first-time gun owner is…

Firearm Safety – 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling

1. Always Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction This is the most basic safety rule. If everyone handled a firearm so…

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If your looking to have a good time with a wide variety of guns to shoot from with a friendly and knowledgeable staff this is the spot to go to. MidRiflesUSA makes the whole experience way better made us feel comfortable shooting which was great cause we were a bit anxious. Prices are great and better then other places. Overall I highly recommend MidRiflesUSA.



Great selection of guns, perhaps because the prices are sky high. Still a good place to check out if you need only one gun no one else has, as opposed to if you’re adding guns to your collection.This place was great with guides of what to do and help us figure out our needs and wants.They went above and beyond to make sure i was getting exactly what i wanted for my concealed carry..”



I am a first time gun owner and too the class for the learning of the laws and basics of using a hand gun. The support team were very informative, and the talk flow was good. I appreciate their serious, friendly, and polite attitudes.I highly recommend the Gun Store MidRiflesUSA and their support team.  I learned a lot.